Sunday, February 27, 2005

New England: Dialect & Witches

Added today:

New England Dialect, by By Isaac Bassett Choate, Bay State Monthly, 1888.The author attempts to show the origin of our New-England dialect, and to prove that all talk about an American language, as distinct from English, is without the shadow of reason in history or in common-sense.

The First New England Witch, by Willard H. Morse, M. D., Bay State Monthly, 1885Article describes the circumstances and trial of Elizabeth Morse of Newbury, MA who was arrested, tried and found guilty of witchcraft.

Of the two articles, I like the one on New England Dialect -- interesting to see where some of the so-called Yankee twang came from.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Hudson River & Modern Dwellings

Added to the site today are:

Romance of the Hudson, Part I and Part II, by Benson J. Lossing, 1876. A brief history of the Hudson River in the greater NY metro area. Some wonderful descriptions of legends, lore, battles and facts by noted historian Benson John Lossing. Some interesting explanations regarding certain place names in the area, and much more.

On a personal note, I was charmed by this article because there is some fascinating content I had not heard of before (nor had my husband, a 30+ resident of Manhattan / Brooklyn). Specifically the name origin of place known as "en spuyt den duyvel."

Modern Dwelling, Part I and Part II, by H. Hudson Holly, 1876. Design of various American "cottages" circa 1876. Some discussion of architectural styles, adaptation in America, choosing a site, floorplans, and much more. Written by H. Holly Hudson, an influential architect of his time -- who was evidently in part responsible for the popularity of the Front Porch in American Architecture.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

The Metropolitan Newspaper

I really like this article, originally published in Harper's Monthly in 1877. The Metropolitan Newspaper is an interesting article that describes, in detail, the way a newpaper was put together in the late 1800s. Roles of the reporter, city editor and more are described. Some information on the origin and function of the Associated Press. Fun article to read and might be something interesting to work with if you teach journalism, particularly regarding the contrast and extraordinary changes between then and now.

Also uploaded is an article from 1904 published originally in New England Magazine, entitled Easthampton, Mass. It describes the founding and development of the town, located in Hampshire County, MA. Profile of leading citizens, including the Willistons and Williston Academy; early slaughter and kidnapping of settlers by non-local Native American tribe, churches, schools, businesses and more.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Life on Broadway

Uploaded today is Life on Broadway -— William H. Rideing's presentation of Manhattan vignettes: people, shops, street vendors and scenes on Broadway, 1878. Obviously times have changed since this was published, but it is remarkable how many similarities remain today. Originally published in Harper's Monthly.

Also added is "A Historical Sketch of Pittsfield, Massachusetts.", by Frank W. Kaan. Reproduced from Bay State Monthly, 1885. This is an eighteen-page article outlining the founding of Pittsfield and profiles some of the leading citizens, churches, building, and industry. Nicely illustrated.

We had some problems yesterday as our new Hosting Service cut us off without warning. A result of what appears to have been an issue with someone hacking into one of our e-mail accounts and sending massive spam, unbeknowst to us of course. It seemed to take forever to resolve in part due to a huge gap in communication -- seriously, changing an e-mail password is not rocket science. It concerns me somewhat, we stayed with our last hosting service for five years with no problems at all (we left only because of pricing and resources). This is the first hosting problem ever in ten years of web publishing -- hopefully there will be no more bumps.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

New Site Additions

I am sitting here at nearly 7 p.m. EST listening to the sounds of Keyspan jackhammers rip up the street and repair a gas line that was leaking. The backgound noise could be better, but the response time for this emergency repair can only be applauded.

Added to the site today are the following:

Little Laborers of New York City, by C. L. Brace, 1873.
Article discussing early child labor laws and lack of, jobs performed by young children, wages and reform including early laws prohibtion chilren from employment. The work of the Children's Aid Society is mentioned.

Superstitions of a Cosmopolitan City, by Robert Shakleton, 1905
Odd, four-page treatise on some superstitions observed in New York City, most culturally related. Somewhat over-simplifed.

An Unpublished Legend of the Regicides, By Helen Evertson Smith
This is a 1904 article on the New England regicides, the mystery as seen by the eyes of (then child) Rev. Samuel Russell of Hadley, MA.

FYI I have the originals in my home library. I love reading these kinds of articles and looking at the illustrations when they exist. Enjoy!