Monday, January 31, 2005

The Beginning

So this is the beginning of my "new" blog. I have another blog on LiveJournal that has been up and running for at least four years now, but it must have been about a year ago now my posts slowed down in part to my numerous other ongoing projects. I realized there was more available time and much more was actually getting accomplished in my so-called "real" life.

The purpose of this little blog is connected to my website, About 10 years ago I began to transcribe books and other bits of ephemera from my rather extensive collection here at home. These items have been spread around several online locations and for the most part have been well received by people. Some are genealogical in nature, others historic. Some things I happen to find interesting for any number of reasons ranging from my exposure to them through the interests of friends and family to some odd unknown interest.

And so this attempt at pulling all my material into one location has started, and it is here I will mention what I hope will be frequent updates though you can fully expect me to not limit my posts.

Because I am from Western Massachusetts, I have a lot of material posted about that area, particularly on Holyoke, the city were I was born. But that is not the only thing in life that interests me, I love the few years I lived in Manhattan and my current neighborhood in Brooklyn.

Look around my site and feel free to respond. Oh, by the way -- placing all these goodies online is a result of finding
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