Thursday, February 17, 2005

Life on Broadway

Uploaded today is Life on Broadway -— William H. Rideing's presentation of Manhattan vignettes: people, shops, street vendors and scenes on Broadway, 1878. Obviously times have changed since this was published, but it is remarkable how many similarities remain today. Originally published in Harper's Monthly.

Also added is "A Historical Sketch of Pittsfield, Massachusetts.", by Frank W. Kaan. Reproduced from Bay State Monthly, 1885. This is an eighteen-page article outlining the founding of Pittsfield and profiles some of the leading citizens, churches, building, and industry. Nicely illustrated.

We had some problems yesterday as our new Hosting Service cut us off without warning. A result of what appears to have been an issue with someone hacking into one of our e-mail accounts and sending massive spam, unbeknowst to us of course. It seemed to take forever to resolve in part due to a huge gap in communication -- seriously, changing an e-mail password is not rocket science. It concerns me somewhat, we stayed with our last hosting service for five years with no problems at all (we left only because of pricing and resources). This is the first hosting problem ever in ten years of web publishing -- hopefully there will be no more bumps.


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